How to Photo-Shoot a Horse

January 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hello there! I have been very excited to be working with a great team of people that aim to enhance barn animal adoption photos. You know, the rescue photos that say "Just love me!" Puppies and kitties are reletively easy to get great glamour shots. Big barn animals (like horses) don't have a little studio with perfect lighting. I've researched photos of horses all over the internet trying to observe flattering angles. I spoke with horse owners to get input on what they look for when buying a horse. With this information in mind, and a willing friend, I was able to practice with her horse. Our kids came along and will be co-starring in the slideshow.

One important detail for an adoptable horse photo is a saddle. This shows they can, in fact, be saddled; disproving any misconception that rescue horses are damaged pasture pets. Horses do NOT like a fill flash...or any kind of flash for that matter...noted. They also don't care for being shot from behind (self-concious I'm sure). Shooting low and having the sun behind me seems to be the most flattering. A flag or plastic bag flapping in the wind tends to get the pretty pose (head up ears forward). For best results, you want a team of 3 people. I really hope to develop a solid standard for the horse photos if I can.

If any of this work can raise awareness of how many sweet, safe, beautiful barn animals are available for adoption then I will be elated. As things progress I hope these animals find even more support, donations, and adoptions.

Please feel free to share any ideas you may have to make great adoptable horse photos!

A special thank you to Eyreka, Aaron, Tennley, Geoff, Mackenzie, and of course Miss Sapphire.



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